Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ)

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Dr. Isaac Sakala.

A result oriented, tenacious and courageous leader.

Absolute transparency and professional integrity will be the trademark of my administration.


Dr. Kaoma Oliver.

A visionary and reliable leader.

Organisational integrity and reputable transformation of the association through key stakeholder engagement.

Dr. Muhuma Malilwe

Focused and strict leader.
Fostering institutional integrity through financial accountability.


Dr. Ngwira Innocent

Charismatic and tactful leader.

Mapping a vibrant future though target and strategic goals.


Dr. Chirwa Rose

Resourceful and credible leadership.

Financial sustainability through credible and sound financial policies.

Dear Membership,

This is a form for all members that have served or are serving in RDAZ at National and/or Branch levels.
Those that have served multiple times, kindly fill in the highest position you ever served, and indicate the other positions in the space provided.
The purpose of this exercise is to create a database for all who have served the Association for our next generation of leaders.


Dr Kaoma Oliver
Secretary General
Resident Doctors Association of Zambia